Apple is expected to introduce

Apple’s Macbook, launched in 2015, offers a high level of portability with its 12-inch screen. The 12-inch Macbook, with some keyboard design problems, was also the first computer to use the unlit Apple logo.Apple’s Macbook Air and Macbook Pro models on the website that made some changes to Apple, 12-inch Macbook silently lifted. Thus, an end on the Apple front was officially confirmed. The Macbook was Apple’s thinnest and lightest computer. However, compared to the company’s other laptops, the Core-M processor was rather weak. It wasn’t even possible to watch 4K videos on YouTube on the first model.

Apple is expected to introduce the 16-inch Macbook Pro in September. In addition, the company will change its keyboard design in 2020. With this new design change, unacceptable problems such as double press and dust escaping will be eliminated.The iPad Pro, which has become very powerful, is able to leave many laptops behind today. In this context, Macbook users can see iPad Pro as a new alternative with iPadOS and mouse support.

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