Companies will be able to order 5 samples

Recently, steps have been taken to make shopping difficult from abroad. Since 2009, there has been a gradual decline in exemption. In 2018, the tax exemption was reduced to 22 Euros.In May, the tax exemption was abolished. In other words, all products ordered from abroad, regardless of the price, are taxed, this time the order limit per person is set. So, it is not enough to pay taxes to buy a product anymore. Within the scope of the decision published in the Official Gazette (article 126), which will enter into force on 14 July, the monthly product order limit is set to 5. In other words, you are allowed to purchase up to five products from abroad within a month.Companies will be able to order 5 samples. This decision includes personal goods, fast-value goods, sample goods and books and printed publications.The general opinion on social media and comments made by those who dominate the issue indicate that the restriction will negatively affect the flow of business and therefore should not be subject to any restrictions.

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