One of the most curious subjects about the universe

One of the most curious subjects about the universe and space is undoubtedly black holes. We have compiled the known and proposed theories about black holes for you.The universe and space still have many mysteries that cannot be solved. One of these mysteries, black hole is one of the popular topics that have been discussed for many years. We have compiled what is known about black holes in its simplest form.

It is possible to say that it is the ghost of dead stars for black holes. Stars in the universe die in three different ways. These are the white dwarf, the neutron star, also known as the pulsar, and the black hole. The way stars die is determined by their size. However, the life span of stars is inversely proportional to their size. So the bigger the size of a star, the shorter the life of that star.For example, the sun in our solar system will die in the form of a white dwarf. The larger ones will die in the form of a neutron star, while the death of the larger ones will result in a super-nova explosion. With the super-nova explosion, new stars and planets emerge, after which the star reaches zero.Despite the zero point the star has reached, the gravity is still in place. Since this gravitational light also attracts light, a dark area is formed at the very midpoint.

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